My name is Shai Rafaeli and I am a Tel-Aviv based designer of bridal gowns and evening dresses. My brand’s name is Concept Brides and I am excited to share with you my most recent bridal collection – Make a Scene, where each dresses is inspired by a different iconic movie heroin, and through which every bride is transformed into a glamorous movie star for one magical night.

As a designer & a stylist, I often find that I design for women with personality and character. As a Faculty of Arts graduate with a vast experience as a filmmaker & editor, I had brought many fictional characters to life. In the Make a Scene collection I had the privilege and the joy of creatively combining my two passions. I was inspired by Audrey and Uma. Dreamt of Amélie, Sandy and Carrie. I imagined Lolita and Juliet. How they would have looked like on their wedding day. How I would have celebrated their unforgettable charm.

I would love to invite you to be inspired by the collection, to share it with your followers and to spread the word.

Make a Scene collection includes 11 designs (and characters). Concept Brides is truly committed to accommodate all shapes and sizes, and to deliver to any customer internationally.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any question or request. I attach my direct contact details at the end of this message.

I thank you for your time and attention and look forward to hearing back from you.

With best wishes.


Shai Rafaeli

Concept Brides

מיה וואלס Mia Walles
Mrs. Mia Walles
קארי ברדשאו Carrie Bradshaw
Carrie Bradshaw
ג'ולייט Juliet
Juliet Capulet
הולי גולייטלי Holly Golightly
Holly Golightly
לוליטה Lolilta
אמלי Amelie
Amelie Polain
סנדי "הילדה הטובה" Lovely Sandy
Lovely Sandy
סנדי "הנערה הפרועה" Naughty Sandy
Naughty Sandy
אליזבת' Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth
הנסיכה ליאה Princess Lia
Princess Lia